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Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay, lesbian and transgender interest. Our other topics are sexuality in general, antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica and sexual behaviour, and early science-fiction and fantasy.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. £ prices include UK postage and packing. $ includes to the USA and € includes postage within the eurozone.

Recent additions Rare and old gay, lesbian and transgender

Richard Amory
Venus Freeway Press, 1973, 207pp

Scarce gay thriller involving coming out and political corruption. Enlarge second picture for blurb.

ref: 2564, £15 order here

BEL AMI / Postcard Book 2 "Intimate Friends"
coloured booklet 15.2cm * 10.8cm
app 24 stiff postcards of Bel Ami film stars, nude, but not all full-frontal. Cover has creases and spine is worn but inside undamaged
our ref: 002552
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Bel Ami Postcard Book 2 Intimate Friends

Mike Seabrook

Unnatural Relations

UK paperback 1989 (1st ed), ISBN 0854491163

"two young people facing a brutal assault on their human rights" back cover blurb

ref 002556, £17.50

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We have a many new gay erotic novels and short story collections from the 1970s & 80s and 1990s, including:

Lars EIGHNER: Bayou Boy
Badboy / Masquerade, 1993, 192pp
ISBN 1563330849

Enlarge second picture for blurb

ref: 2562, £15 order here

Larry TOWNSEND: The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Badboy / Masquerade, 1993, 258pp
ISBN 1563330970

Rare erotica from a master pornographer: enlarge second picture for blurb
cover misprinted as in picture

ref: 2561, £60 order here

Surrey House / Surey Books / Manhard / HIS
San Diego / Santee, California
undated: 1970s and 1980s

Reference Author Title
2521     Mark Andrews Playing the Game
2523     aRVIe Cops in Training
and many more in 1970s & 80s erotic and pulp fiction
Cops in Training

Our Trans section is open again with items from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including the following:

Roberta Cowell's Story
by herself

UK hardback, 1954 (1st ed), ISBN n/a, 154pp

Early - perhaps first - published autobiography by a British transsexual

ref 002534, £25.00

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Roberta Cowell's Story

Gilbert Oakley D Psy

Man Into Woman

UK hardback, 1964 (1st ed), ISBN n/a, 248pp

introduction of the topic of transsexuality for the general reader, with focus on one individual changing sex

ref 002540, £20.00

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Oakley Man Into Woman

Harriett Gilbert

Hotels with Empty Rooms

UK hardback, 1973 (1st ed), ISBN 034017014X, 142pp

Painter in a hotel in Brittany meets a girl who is a boy who is a murderer . . .

ref 002537, £7.50

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Stoller The Transsexual Experiment

In Cheap Fiction you'll find, among others, these titles:

Kim Carlson

Breakfast in Bedlam

UK paperback, 1991 (1st ed), ISBN 0854491686
"a surreal landscape of gothic horror and lust; a black comedy with a psychological hard-on" back cover blurb

ref 002527, £6.00

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Featured Rare and old gay, lesbian and transgender

Man Alive!
Books, photographs & ephemera depicting men in portraits, clothed, nude & sexually active
our latest catalogue
John Weldon's The Naked Heart

rare 1953 novel: a troubled young man encounters gay cousin among other troubling characters
from our selection of cheap fiction

Rare / Antiquarian

The Earl of Rochester was famous for his bawdy writings. This volume published in 1692 conveys his views on religion as he neared death.

Der Unschuldige "the story of a transformation"
Rare pre-Nazi German gay fiction

And more . . .


guide and granite from
the original monument


classic 1970s erotica - some with interesting stories


The Songs of Bilitis
in the original French


handsome men
from Venice to Sicily


Buzz Cardigan fights
the enemies of freedom


two gay men - one is the 'mother' of their child

Periodicals and Ephemera

Physique magazines from the 1950s; gay lifestyle magazines from the 1960s onwards. UK, US and many other countries.

periodicals in English
periodicals in other languages

Leaflets, political documents, travel guides etc, 1970s onwards, from several countries.

gay ephemera

Books wanted

We buy old and rare gay, lesbian and transgender books, periodicals and ephemera. We are primarily interested in hardbacks and periodicals published before 1990 and paperbacks and ephemera published before 1980, but we consider all offers. We also buy rare books of any subject matter. Contact us if you have a single copy or a whole library for sale.

books on our wanted list

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

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