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Михаи́л Кузми́н (Кузминъ) / Mikhail Kuzmin

Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay, lesbian and transgender interest. Our other fields of interest are sexuality in general and antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour. Recently we have added early science-fiction and fantasy to our lists.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. Prices include UK postage and packing. To order any book or for further details including condition, contact us

Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin (Михаи́л Алексе́евич Кузми́н) (18 October [old style 6 October] 1872 – 1 March 1936) was a Russian poet, musician and novelist, a prominent contributor to the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. His 1906 novel Wings (Крылья) was the first Russian novel with a gay theme.

Kuzmin lived for a time with Sergei Sudeikin (one of the illustrators of Kuranti Lyubvi) and Olga Glebova, Sudeikin's first wife. When Glebova discovered the men were having an affair, she forced Kuzmin to leave their household, although the three of them continued to collaborate professionally.

Wikipedia on Kuzmin in English       Wikipedia on Kuzmin in Russian
for a gay view of Kuzmin, mentioning other lovers but not Sudeikin, see glbtq.com

Titles are listed in order of publication.
Осеннія Озера: вторая книга стиховъ /
(Osenniya Ozera - Autumn Lakes: second book of verses )
Скорпіонъ (Scorpion), Москва (Moscow)
1912, 242pp, £500.00
Second collection of poetry. Considered by some to be the poet's idealisation of male homosexuality. Several poems dedicated to men and third section dedicated to Kuzmin's lover Vsevolod Knyazev.

Cѣти (Seti - Nets)
М И Семенов (Semenov), Петроград (Petrograd)
1915, 224pp, £400.00
This second edition of Kuzmin's first poetry collection was expurgated - in a number of poems lines and words were replaced by . . . . .


Эхо: стихи / (Ekho: verses)
Картонный Домик (Kartonnyi Domik), Петербург (Petersburg)
1921, 64pp, £200.00
Booklet (14.3cm * 9.5cm). 22 poems in four sections. Cover illustration by A Y Golovin.

Вторник Мзри / (Vtornik Meri - Mary's Tuesday)
Петрополис (Petropolis), Петроград (Petrograd)
1921, 40pp, £125.00
Booklet (13cm * 9.2 cm) "Performance for three dolls"

Нездешние вечера: стихи 1914 - 1920 /
Nezdeshniye Vechera - Unearthly Evenings: verses 1914 - 1920
Петрополис (Petropolis), Петербург (Petersburg)
1921, 135pp, £400.00
Poetry mostly on metaphysical issues, transience and aging.

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

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