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Plays and Poetry of Gay Interest
Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay interest. This section includes plays and poetry with gay content and by gay writers irrespective of content. Scroll down for poetry.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. Prices include UK postage and packing.

(scripts only: theatre programmes of gay interest can be found here)

Noel COWARD Hands Across The Sea 1938 1st Ed £5.00


Perry BRASS Sex-Charge 1991 1st Ed £5.00
Rupert BROOKE Poems 1916 £5.00
Lord Alfred DOUGLAS Sonnets 1935 1st Ed £20.00
Berta FREISTADT & Pat O'BRIAN (eds) Language of Water Language of Fire 1992 1st Ed £7.50
Thom GUNN Jack Straw's Castle 1997 £5.00
Assoto SAINT (ed) The Road Before Us: 100 Gay Black Poets 1991 1st Ed £7.50

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

"I'm beginning to think that you and your straight world are our enemy. I am furious with you, and with myself and with every goddamned doctor who ever told me I'm sick and interfered with my loving a man. I'm trying to understand why nobody wants to hear we're dying, why nobody wants to help, why my own brother doesn't want to help. Two million dollars - for a house! We can't even get twenty-nine cents from the city. You still think I'm sick, and I simply cannot allow that any longer. I will not speak to you again until you accept me as your equal. Your healthy equal. Your brother!"

The Normal Heart Act 1, Scene VI, Larry Kramer, USA, 1985

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