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Ben Jonson's Volpone cast and crew August 2017

Isaac Allen: Peregrine
After a year of performing with Bedlam Theatre and the Edinburgh Revue, this marks Isaac's first performance for the Grads. It will also be his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he will also be appearing in a version of "Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets" for Leith Theatre, in which he will be playing the the pantomime dame.

Sam Carlisle: Bonario
When Sam isn't pretending to study international relations at the University of Edinburgh, he is pretending to be someone else in rehearsals. His acting started a decade ago shouting lines in an implausibly poor RP accent; now, he projects dialogue in an entirely unconvincing RP accent. He played Lysander in EGTG's Fringe production A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2016 and is ecstatic to be with them again.

Hilary Davies: Corbaccia
Hilary’s acting career covers roles from Ferdinand the Bull at the age of 7 to Vivian Bearing in the EGTG production of Wit which won Best Full Length Production at the SCDA Eastern Division Finals. During the summer she can be seen acting as a squire with an equestrian stunt team who perform throughout the British Isles.

Richard Godden: 2nd Judge
Richard's first noticeable acting role was as "a skinny, whey-faced Pict" in a show whose name he cannot remember. He has played many villains and eccentrics with Edinburgh People's Theatre and EGTG, including Salieri in Amadeus, Sir Peter Teazle in School for Scandal, Richard in Richard III, an Insecurity Guard in Dissocia, and George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Jamie Gould: Jester / Officer
Jamie first appeared on stage aged 3 singing "I'm a Little Teapot" with great enthusiasm and no musical talent whatsoever. More recent credits include Max in Playback and Sebastian in The Steampunk Tempest in last year's Fringe festival, and a clown-faced thug in Batman fan-film The Definition of Insanity.

Gregor Haddow: Sir Politic Would-Be
details to come

Andrew Hally: Jester / Notary
Returning from last year's Grads production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream, Andrew has been performing in a variety of Edinburgh theatre productions since 2007, mainly playing young male leads. Now assuming a more background role, "Volpone" will mark the first time he's played three characters in a single play!

Angela Harkness Robertson :
Lady Would-Be

Angela performed extensively in theatre, radio and TV in Japan in the nineties and early noughties. In Edinburgh she has played a number of parts, including Mrs Prynne in Da and Mrs Tromleyton in The Ladykillers. Volpone marks her fourth appearance with EGTG.

Grace MacDougall: Celia
Grace enjoyed acting at university in Edinburgh and in Washington, D.C. in plays such as The Tempest and The Glass Menagerie. She is looking forward to her first Fringe performance in Volpone.
Siobhan McGovern: 1st Judge
Ever since Siobhan took the part of Maleficent in a school production of Sleeping Beauty at the age of seven she has found the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd hard to resist. She is looking forward to presiding over a trial where Volpone and others may face harsh justice.

Chris Pearson: Voltore
Chris started acting with the Bolton Octagon Youth Theatre. More recent work includes Death and the Maiden, Festen, An Island Between Heaven and Earth, The Crucible, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and much more. He is a founder member of Edinburgh Living History, terrifying small children as a stern Victorian schoolmaster; he also sings bass with the radical choir Protest in Harmony.

Alastair Smith: Volpone
Alastair has been acting, on and off, since the age of ten. Having wowed audiences with Shakespeare and Marlowe, he is thrilled to have the opportunity to entertain you with his Jonson

Martin Sparks: Jester
This will be my first performance as an actor. I hope you will enjoy the show.

Vanashree Thapliyal: Mosca
Vanashree has been involved in numerous theatre productions in Edinburgh. Previous performances have included Wit , A Midsummer Night's Dream, Phebe in As You Like It and Abigail Williams in The Crucible. She is looking forward to be performing as Mosca, her most challenging and compelling role to date. She hopes that you enjoy the show.

Stuart Townley: Corvino
Stuart played Pooh-Bah in his Primary School's production of The Mikado. At university he played the lead role in Death of a Salesman. In Edinburgh he has appeared in many EGTG productions, literally acting the (Scape)goat in 2014's Wonderful World of Dissocia. Most recently was the entirely off the planet Warren in Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams.

Ellen Wilson: Maid
Ellen's childhood involvement with the Theatre Royal School of Performing Arts saw her in several roles including Perdita in 101 Dalmations, and singing alongside Alvin Stardust. More recent work includes The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and leading drama workshops with local schools. Currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, this her first performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Beverley Wright: 3rd Judge
Bev first appeared on stage at the Usher Hall (aged 4) as a poppy and continued her theatrical journey until, many drama companies later, she joined The Grads in 2011. She has appeared in many and diverse productions from comedy to drama, restoration to farce and Shakespeare to the occasional pantomime and is delighted to be in the the cast of Volpone with the Grads at this year's Fringe.

Martin Foreman: Director
Martin began acting late in life and soon decided his talents were better employed backstage. He has written six one-(wo)man plays and directed four previous productions, most recently J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown at the 2016 Fringe. He is also the author of two novels and two short story collections.

Staci Shaw: Assistant Director
Staci has been studying drama in Belfast and Edinburgh and is in her final year of the BA Hons Drama and Performance course at Queen Margaret University. Last year marked her first Fringe appearance as Helena in EGTG's A Midsummer Nights Dream. This year she has taken on the challenge as Assistant Director for Volpone and is excited for everyone to see the show

Harriet Ogden: Costume Design
details to come
picture to come

Cara MacDonald: Costume Design
details to come
picture to come Gordon Hughes: Lighting
details to come
picture to come

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