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Arbery Books publishes and distributes the plays and fiction of award-winning playwright Martin Foreman.

Foreman's work ranges from naturalistic to fantastic, from brief to in-depth, from the past to present-day, from strong emotions to loud laughter. While his early work focused on gay men, mostly in a British context, in recent years he has broadened his vision to include men, women and trans people across the world and across history. His current focus is the theatre, as a writer and director.

In 2017 and 2018 he brought to the Edinburgh Fringe his version of the classic comedy

Volpone. In 2018 he created Casanova Dreaming, a new look at the life of the eighteenth century libertine, and in 2019 a revised version of his one-woman play Sunset (originally one of the trilogy Californian Lives) was produced at the Edinburgh Fringe. November 2020 will see the premiere of his adaptation of the classic Satyricon.


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Tusitala and the Prince by David Evans
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"Once upon a time, in a land so far away that no one has ever been there in the whole history of story-telling, there lived a little boy. His name was Tusitala and he looked like every other poor boy you know from stories - not all of them true - who live in lands where the sun is hot and there are chickens to steal and oranges to pick when farmers arenít looking."

A story of friendship, doves and disappointment by David Evans.

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Drama & Fiction
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Martin Foreman is the author of two novels, two short story collections and several plays, all available from Arbery Books. He is the winner of the 2012 London Solo Festival New Writing Award and the 2018 Pitlochry Festival Theatre Short Play Award.

Martin was born in Dundee, went to school and university in Edinburgh and spent many years working and living in London and across the world. He has returned to live in Scotland and does not expect to move again. For those who insist on categories, he is a British writer who happens to be gay and whose primary themes are love, loss and the intensity of emotions. As well as writing, he directs plays and occasionally acts in theatre and short films.

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