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The Satyricon (pre-order)
Gaius Petronius and Martin Foreman

"all p****s are selfish"
the outrageous 2,000-year-old-comedy

Encolpius, Ascyltos and Giton are three young men footloose in the Roman Empire. With narrator Gaius Petronius as their guide and a cantankerous group of Actors who take on various roles, the trio find themselves at the heart of adventures of seduction, deception, love, thievery, violence and more.

Step back into the past while keeping one foot in the present as you enter this comedy of words and action. Be prepared for a picaresque tale that is funny and thought-provoking, uncomfortable and tragic, satiric and satyric. View sexual relations from the Roman perspective - and view the Roman perspective from today. Remind yourself that actors have a life beyond the stage - and that some lives never end. All this and more in the fast and funny, filthy and philosophical play that is The Satyricon.

The multi-layered script begins with Petronius introducing himself, the three leads and the other actors; the scene then shifts to the Forum, where Encolpius is lecturing the crowd before he gets interrupted by someone who has a lot to say but who has forgotten his own name. From then on the audience is on a roller-coaster ride, one moment laughing at the absurdity of what they are seeing, the next moment surprised or shocked by events they did not foresee. Meanwhile Encolpius finds himself bereft of what matters most to him in the world, Petronius cannot remember if he wrote all the scenes he is watching, and the actors and the characters they portray give their opinions, not always flattering, on the plot as it unfolds.

The opening of Martin Foreman's adaptation of the classic story has been indefinitely postponed and we do not yet have a date for publication of the play text.
The Satyricon by Gaius Petronius and Martin Foreman

play website: thesatyricon.uk

performing rights

ISBN: 978-0-9933546-6-3       soft cover, page length to be confirmed       RRP: 7.99
run time: 2h > 2h 15m       cast: minimum 9 m/f/t with parts doubled, ages 16 - 60

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